How to Childproof Your Home

October 18, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Improvement

Summary: Keeping your home safe and free of clutter can help prevent any unwarranted injuries to your child.


Children, even at a young age, are prone accidental injuries. Even if you’re fully confident that you’ve done a solid job childproofing your home, chances are there are numerous things that you’re missing. Another concept many parents tend to misunderstand is how a child perceives objects within a home. For instance, some mothers might think that a child’s curiosity is limited to a certain room or section of the home. Why would a child ever be curious about a toilet or matches? Well, to be honest, everything inside your home is up for grabs as curiosity can get the best of a child at times. It’s always best to stay prepared.

Kitchen and Living Room

Be sure to always keep matches and other kitchen apparel that can start a fire. It’s even possible for a toddler to accidentally light a match. Also, be cautious about candles that you place around the table – as they can choke on the wax itself.

Photo frames should be placed at a height where they can only be reached by you and other adults. If a child were to knock over a frame, the glass could shatter and cause significant injuries – even in a carpeted room.

Wall-mounted TVs might not seem like they could pose a threat but children are often known to try and climb things or use objects around them as leverage to get somewhere. If a child were to climb on a TV stand, the set can fall on top of him or her. Be sure that you mount your TV securely on the wall if possible and close off the area to where he or she cannot reach it and use as a makeshift ladder.

Maintaining “Safe” Furniture

If you have any old furniture pieces that have been used on a consistent basis, you should be cautious with their current state. Old furniture items like couches tend to wear down and break without you even knowing. If the interior frame of a couch, for example, is flimsy and run down, it could snap at any moment causing the entire piece to collapse. All in all, it’s best to ensure that you furniture remains in good shape. Take the time to scope out any potential dangers and if you have to, order new cushions or back pads from companies like The Foam Factory to ensure that nothing poses a threat to your child.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s finding new replacement cushions for your worn-down couch or reorganizing the entire living room, childproofing knows no bounds. Just because you believe that your child won’t touch something they’ve never laid their hands on before doesn’t mean that he won’t become curious one day and attempt to mess around with a potentially dangerous object.