9 Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

September 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ DIY,Home Improvement

Your bathroom can be a place where you unwind after a long day at the office and therefore should be welcoming and relaxing. Here are nine ways to improve your bathroom.

Add a false wall – Adding a false wall can create a divider for your bathroom to add space for toiletries, art or plants.

Opt for all-over color – Choose your favorite color and then include it in the tiles, bath fittings and walls for a complete look.

Indulge in a spa-like shower – A spa shower can be relaxing and often the newer varieties use a lot less water. Look for varieties that offer different massage modes.

Be creative with Vinyl – Vinyl can be affordable and can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Pick a bright color – To refresh your space add a statement shade to your walls.

Be bold with your bathroom basin – Patterned sinks are back on trend and come in an array of colors.

Co-ordinate finishes – Look at matching your entire look to a theme that is versatile. Keeping your theme versatile, will give you the chance to change your space again later on.

Apply lots of patterns – Look at patterned tiles with texture to add color and interest to your entire space.

Use the latest materials – Concreate is an affordable, durable option for the bathroom. Look at a neutral color palette with a touch of green for an earthy modern vibe.