How to make your dining chairs more comfortable

July 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Furniture

Most dining chairs are wood with no support on either seat or back. The best solution is to get cushions for them. They make your chairs more comfortable and protect them from the scratches that come with buttons and zips. In addition, by adding seat cushions, you get one more method of augmenting the décor. Brighten up the room and add comfort to those stiff wooden dining chairs with these tips:


The first step is to measure your chairs. The common sizing for dining table chairs is a 16-inch square, with older chairs slightly larger. When sizing the cushion, remember that the cushion should extend to the front of the chair while not hanging over. In addition, the thickness is also important. It should not be so thick as to prevent your feet from touching the floor. This will depend on the height of your chairs.


Fabric choice depends on the circumstances. Families with young children will want durable fabrics that are stain resistant. Microfiber and canvas are two options. You can also use a water resistant protector. Get cushion covers with zippers to make removal and cleanup quick and easy. Alternatively, choose comfortable fabrics with color that complements or contrasts with your existing décor.


The choice of foam is important. Unlike a foam mattress, cushions tend to have single or two layers at most. For the most comfort choose memory foam, which also offers lower profile. In addition, look for features like ties, which are used to hold the cushion on the seat.