How to Pick a Wall Design That Matches the Furniture

August 16, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Furniture

Summary: Giving some thought to the paint you use to color your walls can help tie a room together and make it feel more welcoming.


When designing the interior of a house some people may not think about the walls of each room. Furniture items and arrangement are immediately noticeable but how you decorate a wall can influence the overall feel of the room.


Complement Your Furniture


Before picking up a paintbrush, take a look at what you already have in the room. An easy way to pick a color that will work with your room is to take note of the furniture. If the couch in your television room is a solid color, for example, choosing a slightly different color from the same color family can complement this centerpiece. If, on the other hand, your couch has a pattern featured on it, choose a wall color that exists in the same family as the primary contrasting color on said pattern. The Foam Factory and other online vendors offer different styles that could work with your taste. The idea is to find colors that work well with the furniture our eyes are naturally drawn towards, without making it obvious that we are pairing them.


Play with Patterns


If you want to use a pattern for your wall colors, pay close attention to the designs on your furniture. Furniture without any patterns or designs could be complemented with walls that feature subtle patterns. If your patio cushion has a pattern, then painting the walls with patterns could overwhelm guests. Visually, this would make the room appear too busy. Feel free to play with different color families and patterns to find a furniture-wall combination that you feel comfortable with.