Kitting out a new flat

September 28, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Furniture,Home Improvement

When you’ve just left home and set up your own place for the first time, it can be a shock when the bills start rolling in. Not only do you have to find money every month for the rent or mortgage, but there’s also council tax, utilities like gas and electricity and phone bills to pay.

So, while you may have established independence from your parents by moving out, you may not have too much spare cash to spend on essentials like furniture and food, let alone going out.

The best approach is to buy things when you can, and manage without until you can afford them.  If you have a bed and a cheap dining table and chairs, you could survive.  Sure it would be nicer to have a sofa and coffee table in the living room, but if you don’t, you can live without them for a while. You can always sit at your dining table after all.

And you’ll also need things like a wardrobe for the bedroom, but until you can budget for it you can make do with a clothes rail which can be picked up really reasonably.

Of course there’s a lot of cheap furniture around – whether you buy new or second-hand.  What you need to decide is your furniture strategy – are you happy to have stuff that you may be throwing away in a few years’ time or would you rather accumulate slowly, but spend your money on quality items when you do have the spare cash to buy things?

Most people will probably do a little of both – buy a few essentials, and then save up before spending more on items that they will treasure over the years and that will move with them from first home to family home.