Plastic Foldable Flower Vase 5-Pieces

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Look at the pictures you are getting those exact designs, no surprises!!
1 Blue, 1 Pink, 1 Purple, 1 Light Blue, 1 Green.
These Foldable Plastic Vases are great for parties, catering events and everyday use!
A flower vase like you’ve never seen before!
One of the biggest problems with keeping vases on hand is that they need to be stored somewhere, and can take up a lot of space.
All 5 vases fold flat and can store together in a drawer or other small space. It’s thin as a sheet of paper when not in use, super strong, colorful, looks like glass when in use and totally cool! What a way to give flowers.
Made of plastic it will not leak. It is transparent, glossy and totally stable
When you want to use them, simply take them out, add water and they hold their shape! Made of flexible, unbreakable PVC, the vase is also perfect for any area where glass vases may be impractical.
Simple to use:
1. You simply fill it with warm water to make it malleable, form it into the shape of a vase, replace the warm water with cold, and add flowers.
2. Later, you can dump the flowers, rinse, and fold the vase flat for store or travel. The foldable vase is reusable and unbreakable, easy to store and great for parties
Measures approx 11.25″H, 6.25″W at base, 5.5″W at top.

  • Plastic foldable vase.
  • Fun, practical, trendy, sturdy, stable and reusable foldable vase is reusable and unbreakable, easy to store and great for parties
  • 5 Vases, 1 Purple, 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Pink, 1 Light Blue
  • Great to have handy for quick gifts
  • Perfect for centerpieces and party favors

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