Looking after your wicker furniture

December 5, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home Improvement

Synthetic wicker furniture adds great vintage style to any space, whether it is a patio, sunroom, garden or even an indoor living room. Synthetic wicker is made of a resin polyethylene, which provides the wicker furniture its durability and resistance to the sun’s UV radiation and water.

Synthetic wicker furniture is quite easy to maintain as the color of the resin is mixed right into the material when it is manufactured. This prevents the color from peeling and flaking.

Here are some tips from Wicker Paradise on maintenance:

Synthetic wicker furniture requires a minimal amount of work. However, since the furniture spends a great deal of time outside, it is prone to get dirty. Here are a number of tips to help you clean and care for your wicker furniture:

Resin wicker furniture can be easily cleaned by simply hosing it off with an ordinary garden hose. It can then be justify to be dried in the sun.

Dust collected on the outdoor patio furniture can be removed by simple dusting.

If the dust or stains still persist then it is best to use a mild dish soap and water. A soapy solution is prepared which can then be used with the help of a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove any stains. It is important to leave the furniture to dry completely in the sun for a day or two before placing the cushions again.

A mild abrasive can be used to remove any marks or scratches.

Mildew can be removed with a spray like Tilex. However, make sure that it is immediately rinsed off.

Tree sap can be removed by using Goof Off or a similar product. The product is sprayed on the stain, rubbed gently and then washed with soapy water. If the stain still persists then it can be scrubbed with non-gel toothpaste.

Another tip in the maintenance of the synthetic wicker furniture is to use furniture covers, during an off-season or when you are away from home.