The guide to buying cushions

January 15, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hardware,Industrial,Manufacturing

Summary: Get some life and excitement in your living room by replacing the boring old cushions with some color, texture, and shape.

If the décor in your home is the cake, then the cushions are the icing with the cherry on top. Take any room, sofa, chair set, and you can transform how it looks and feels like with the simple act of adding cushions. Often, when you buy a sofa or a furniture set, you get cushions, but they match the set, and the result is a single boring block of color. Here are some tips on getting more vibrancy with new cushions:


Get the inspiration for colors from your surroundings. Look around the room, and you will find several different shades and patterns you can use for your cushions. Just as much as we want a different color to the couch, we want something that matches the space. We do not want the cushions fighting for attention with other elements in the room.


The number of cushions you need will depend on the couch and the room. If you prefer a traditional look, then you want even numbers of cushions for symmetry. Modern and more eclectic homes can use odd numbers. The only time the traditional numbering changes are when you have a three seat couch (five cushions). Single chairs always get a single cushion.


For a larger couch go with bigger cushions and smaller cushions for smaller couches. Doing the opposite will result in the couch or the cushions looking small. If visual interest is what you are looking for, then opt for different shapes.